Current Pastor


Mathew Feeley, Pastor

November 1, 2015 – Present

At the age of 16 Mathew Feeley was on a journey to find God. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was looking for but he knew he wasn’t happy with the way his young life had unfolded. Drugs, alcohol and a life of crime left Mathew feeling emptier than ever before. He began reading the Bible and speaking with older friends about spiritual matters but still he was confused and conflicted. God work with him and he trusted God.

Today, Mathew is a sought after speaker with an incredible story of redemption, salvation and conviction. Learn about his journey today

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Former Pastors


Mirthell Mitchell, Pastor

September 29, 2012 – October 10, 2015

Pastor Mirthell Mitchell was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Being the youngest son of the late Pastor Carlton Mitchell who served the Ontario Conference for 30 years, ministry has been a part of his entire life.  He sensed his call to the ministry though the inspiration of his father’s example, much like how Elijah was a mentor for Elisha. He and Rita have four beautiful children:  Shalom, Sinead, Sade, and Shiloh.  He loves spending time with his wife and children, homeschooling, going to church, playing games, traveling, having worship, doing chores or just simply hanging out.

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John Scott, Pastor

August 14, 2004 – September 15, 2012

Pastor John M. Scott  ministered at the Kanisa Fellowship, a contemporary young adult church in Toronto’s North York area.  He has served this church district since he was installed in the summer of 2004, and has seen God’s guidance throughout.  Pastor Scott was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada but grew up in the sunny, twin-islands of Trinidad & Tobago.  From a very young age he sensed the call of God to ministry.

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