Learn About The Key Elements of Our Church Culture

Kanisa Fellowship takes great pride in the rich and deliberate culture that we have created within our family. Our church culture can be described by four simple elements:



Worship is at the center of Kanisa Fellowship. Lively music, passionate singing and hand clapping are fixtures in every church service. The worship culture that has been fostered in our church is one of inclusion, expression, and engagement.

We want everyone to grow in their relationship with Jesus, and to connect in deep community with other believers.


Everyone is embraced and welcomed at Kanisa Fellowship – period. Our doors are open for you to come as you are, and to feel accepted for who you are.  We are all different when we arrive at the church doors.

What makes us the same is our desire to build a warm and honest relationship with our Creator, and one another.


Above all else, the leadership of Kanisa Fellowship is charged with spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our entire staff is trained to operate in the spirit of Christ, Who came to serve, rather than be served.

Excellence is the standard at our church and our leaders strive to model that in every act of ministry.


Kanisa Fellowship believes in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone.  The way in which we do this is simply by spending time with people.  We believe the best form of evangelism is one of relationship, where, through our active example, our community, friends and families, may see the beauty of the gospel, and the potential of God’s promises for their lives.


The culture at Kanisa Fellowship can be summed up in one powerful word – Inclusive.  Our heart is for you, the believer, the unbeliever, the skeptic, the searching, and the hurting. All are welcome to join our Church and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We invite you to come, just as you are.