Kanisa Fellowship Introduces New Church Logo
Toronto, Ontario—October 11, 2014— Kanisa Fellowship, a contemporary Seventh-day Adventist church in Toronto, celebrates the launch of its 10th anniversary year with the introduction of a new church logo.

KF Social Full Logo

New Logo Meaning

The shape of the logo is that of a modern house of worship.  The heavenward momentum of the design depicts the spiritual mandate to direct all efforts, plans and prayers from Kanisa Fellowship towards the goal of reaching heaven.


Design Shapes

There are four particular quadrilateral shapes that make up the new brandmark.  This intentional part of the design illustrates that everyone that comes to Kanisa Fellowship is unique, and from different walks of life.

“Everyone is embraced and welcomed at Kanisa Fellowship – period. Our doors are open for you to come as you are, and to feel accepted for who you are.  We are all different when we arrive at the church doors”, states the communications director, Richard Picart. “What makes people the same is our desire to build a warm and honest relationship with our Creator, and one another.”


White Cross

The white Cross, where all four shapes meet, represents the church body that is connected through the sacrifice of Jesus.  The motion of the cross speaks to a part of their mission statement which states that the Word of God should be practically applied.  It should be a living, moving, impacting element in daily life, moments of worship and regular interaction with each other.



Kanisa Fellowship is a part of the worldwide sisterhood of Seventh-day Adventist churches. The green and yellow is symbolic of that vital connection and its importance to the local work in the city of Toronto.

The blue is the historical brand colour of Kanisa Fellowship.  The red represents the blood of Jesus Christ through which men and women can be saved.



If you need to use the Kanisa Fellowship logo and require the graphic files, send an email to the Communications Director.