We Believe This Is How Life Really Ends

The End

We believe that God wins in the end. He is the beginning, the middle, and the end.

In the cosmic story of redemption, from creation, the fall of humanity, the death and resurrection of Christ, to the future glorification when God reconciles all things to Himself, the story culminates to the point of God’s judgment, and ends with the welcoming of His saints into His newly established kingdom.

Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary

Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice serves both as confirmation and assurance that we can approach God, having been fully forgiven. His judgment is made in love for the believer, serving as the propitiator, or “perfect sacrifice”, for our sins.

The Second Coming of Christ

God has promised that His son will return again to gather those whom He has reconciled to Himself. God will resurrect the saved and take them to heaven with Him to live for eternity.

Death and Resurrection

The unconsciousness nothingness of death separates us from the God of life, yet Jesus’ defeat of sin and death serves as the promise that the saved can look forward to resurrection, new life, and living forever.           

The Millennium and the End of Sin

hile the saved are reconciled to God, and spend eternity with Him in heaven, Satan and his followers will be trapped on earth for a thousand years. After this time, God will resurrect the lost for a final judgment in order to bring wrath upon sin and sinners.

The New Earth

The new earth is the new home in which righteousness and holiness dwells. There will be no sin, no hurt, and no pain. God will establish a new home in which all of His followers will spend eternity, dwelling with their Creator.