What We Believe About Our Humanity


Crafted by the hand of God, humanity and creation scream the glories of a magnificent Creator.


It’s beautiful. Yet the beauty is broken.


At Kanisa, we believe Genesis tells us the story of creation. From the word of God’s mouth, creation bloomed into existence. The world, night, day, and humanity were formed. It was beautiful, very beautiful, but something went wrong. Humanity chose sin over God. With one simple act of disobedience, humanity sinned and caused a divide between their relationship and a Holy God.


God has carefully created the world and humanity with meticulous focus and intentionality. He did so out of passion. From the largest stars and planets of the solar system, the oceans and land, to the smallest molecular structures of plants and animals, God breathed life through all of these things with love.

Nature of Man

Designed and made in the image of God, men and women are now fractured by sin. God has chosen to reconcile us through His son Jesus Christ, drawing us back to Himself through His Holy Spirit, and continues in the process of making us more like His image everyday.

Humans are individually granted the power and freedom to think and to do. Though created free beings, each is an indivisible unity of body, mind and spirit, and dependent upon God for life, breath and all else.