What We Believe About Your Salvation


Though fractured and torn, love has made a way. Willingly and sacrificially, this is what love does. This is what love is.

At Kanisa Fellowship, we believe that because of the brokenness and distance created by sin between humanity and God, there must be a sacrifice that would bring humanity back into relationship with their creator. Then descended Jesus, the willing servant who laid down His life by dying on a cross.  That blessed act took away our pain, sorrow, brokenness, and sin, and serves as the ultimate sacrifice for the purpose of reconciliation back to God.

The Fight for Your Life

There is a battle for your soul. On one side stands Satan, the untrustworthy accuser. On the other side stands Jesus, the healer. Throughout history, the world has experienced the great controversy of good vs. evil. God gives us free will to choose.

The Gospel

God sent His son Jesus to live the perfect life we couldn’t live, and die the death that we deserve. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, God no longer sees all as prodigal children with no hope to being reconciled. God now sees His followers as adopted sons and daughters, partaking in the same inheritance as His son Jesus.  When we accept Jesus’ sacrifice, we claim the gift of eternal life in heaven.

The Experience of Salvation

God uses the Holy Spirit to draw us to Himself. Understanding our own sin and brokenness, we encounter the story of Jesus. Moved by his sacrifice for our sins and desire for relationship, we accept God’s grace that He so willingly offers us through His son. This new grace bestowed upon us by the blood of His son Jesus, has now made us in right standing with the Father.

Growing As a Believer in Christ

Salvation completely changes the way we look at the world around us, and how we make decisions. Now, we longer look to satisfaction of our flesh and selves, but we look to the satisfaction of our God. However, these are not merely decisions based on duty, but rather based on a deep love for God, and His constant guiding of the Holy Spirit to make us more and more into the image of God.