We pour into our children and youth as much as we can so they can be as much as they can be.



We are committed to developing our children into kingdom citizens that have a true heart-felt passion for being a “King’s Kid”.  Kanisa’s children’s program has a mission to help kids experience Jesus Christ in an impactful and interactive way.


Children’s Church

Three times a year, Kanisa hosts a special “Children’s Church” service where we train the kids in key spiritual principles using art workstations, interactive games and praise and worship sessions especially designed for them.


Dance Ministry

Kids Dance ministry is a liturgical dance program for children.  The dance movements teach the kids how to express themselves in worship using appropriate dance which flows out of the music which enhances prayer and worship experience.


Baby Dedication

Kanisa Fellowship offers a baby dedication ceremony to our members and visitors with children. We believe that our Baby Dedication Ceremony is a parent’s public commitment made before God, family, friends and the congregation, of their choice to raise their child in the distinct awareness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as well as dedicate themselves to being Godly parents.


Mentoring Programs

Our Adventurers program is a mentoring initiative that focuses on kids under the age of 9.  Each child is motivated to participate in activities and are given assignments to work on with their parents.  From nature exploration, family camping and community projects, Adventurers uses crafts, recreation, spiritual development and art to groom our children.




Our youth face a tremendous battle everyday.  They fight in a world that is full of violence, drugs, family strife, sex without boundaries and hatred.  At Kanisa Fellowship, we strive to provide social and spiritual options for our young people that will motivate them to keep Jesus Christ top of mind.


Youth Camp

An annual event that wisks our youth away to a nature camp resort in Northern Ontario.  During the 3 day retreat, they learn about teamwork, God through nature, and spiritual development.  It’s not all Bible all the time.  The youth also have a blast playing outdoor games, campfires, tobogganing and interactive activities.


Pathfinders Youth Mentoring Program

The Pathfinders program is a youth mentoring program that caters to youth ages 10-16.  A pillar in the Adventist community, Pathfinders specifically works with the cultural, social and religious education of youth while providing club activities that involve action, adventure and opportunities to develop positive attitudes and personal growth skills.


Youth Bible Study

Every Saturday morning, the youth gather in the chapel to study God’s Word.  Under the guidance of a teacher, the group navigates through various lessons in the Bible and discover modern day relevancies that can help them in today’s world. The Bible Study works with a fixed curriculum and is an excellent place to grow in Christ .