At Kanisa Fellowship, we love people in all areas of life. We believe that God is always teaching and drawing us near to Him through whatever season we may find ourselves.

This goes the same whether you are single or in a relationship with another person. God wants to use these seasons to reveal more of Himself, and to work through us to show Himself to those around us.

Singles Ministry
Being single is an incredible season of life that allows for drawing near to God, and an opportunity for ministry. In a culture that looks down on singleness, God sees it as an incredible blessing. In 1 Corinthians 7:7, Paul refers to singleness as a “gift from God.” God wants to use you during this season in different ways than if you were married.

Connect with our Singles small group and meet some new people.

Couples Ministry
As couples, who are being led by the Holy Spirit, we sometimes enter into relationships with selfishness, past baggage, and misconceptions. God wants to heal us, and use our relationships to draw us to Himself and to minister to others. We have incredible opportunity to grow in the Lord as we navigate our lives as couples.

From annual Prayer Brunches to afternoon workshops, the Couples Ministry at Kanisa is very active.

We invite you to attend our sessions and learn about God’s best for couples.