Taking steps to a new life.

Learning about God should not be difficult. You don’t need a master’s degree in theology or generations of believers in your family tree. You simply need to start with a few simple questions and God begins to reveal the answers to you one step at a time.

At Kanisa Fellowship, we have a simple 4-Step process to help you understand how you can discover your faith:


Step 1: Discover Jesus
At Kanisa Fellowship, our hope is found in one foundational pursuit: that you would come to know Jesus and fall more in love with Him each and every day.


Step 2: Make A Decision
It can happen anywhere. Some may make a decision during a corporate worship service, driving down the road, hiking on a trail, or sitting at home at your kitchen table. The place doesn’t matter, but what you decide about Jesus does.


Step 3: Serve Others
As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to serve as He has served us. Our new found faith inspires us to give and serve others because we have experienced this same gift from the one who has saved us. Learn more about it.


Step 4: Give Back
As Christians, we believe all things are gifts from God, and whether it be giving of our gifts, talents, finances, or skills sets, we are happy to give because it offers to others what God has so freely given to us.