Step 4: Sowing Seeds & Giving Back

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As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to give back of ourselves as God has given Himself to us. God has commanded us to give of all our resources. As Christians, we believe all things are gifts from God, and weather it be giving of our gifts, talents, finances, or skills sets, we are happy to give because it offers to others what God has so freely given to us.

In a culture that is already demanding everything from us; our time, money, and relationships, we have the choice of who and what we will invest in. God has asked us to give for one very specific reason: for the advancement of the gospel and good news of Jesus Christ. In order for the local church to continue in operation, for missionaries to be sent, and ministry to happen, we must give of our gifts that God has given us. However, this is not seen as burden for the believer, but rather a joy. We are happy to join God in His mission of saving the lost, healing the broken, and taking care of one another’s needs.

Giving financially is one way that we are commanded to give. God has given us money to help sustain both our individual lives as well as the life of the church. Giving financially for the believer is not futile. In fact, we believe it is one of the most communal aspects of caring for one another. When the church is able to pull it’s financial resources together to meet the needs of it mission and people, it brings our hearts to worship. We buy in to the full mission of what God wants to do in our lives, church, community, and world.

God has also placed within each and every one of us certain skill sets and passions. He has uniquely made you and gifted you will passions that only you can bring to the table. Not only do we have the opportunity to give of our finances as believers in Jesus, we have gifts and talents to give as well. Weather it be leading a small group, teaching, playing in the worship band, building maintenance, or any other passion you may have, we want you to know that there is a place at Kanisa Fellowship for you to use the gift that God has given you.


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