We Believe Youth Want Jesus Too

Youth Bible Study is held at 10:30am, just before the corporate Worship Service.

This time offers and very interactive, fun, and engaging experience for students to learn what the Bible says about their lives.


  • Did Jesus have a job?
  • How does God want me to live as a teenager?
  • What does God want to teach me during this time in my life?
  • How do I handle all of the issues I’m currently facing?


These, and more like them, are all questions that students are able to explore during the weekly Youth Bible Study.


Each class is held for approximately 50 minutes and free digital study guides are available for any students wanting to use them. It’s a casual and comfortable atmosphere that all are welcome in.

Want to wear jeans, t-shirt, nice shirt? It doesn’t matter. Come as you are and expect a great time!

Bible Home – Youth Study Resources

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Bible Study Classes By Age:

Earliteens Ages: 13- 14 years
Teens Ages: 15 – 18 years