Covid 19 Giving Options

Adventist Giving Online

Mail A Cheque



We are asking you to only give to Tithe and Church Budget at this time of COVID 19 which empowers the church to direct funds to the areas of greatest need. If there is no designation for your donation, it will automatically go to Church Budget.




  1. Go to
  2. Select Kanisa Fellowship as your church.
  3. Fill in the tithe envelope.
  4. Choose to register or to give as a guest if it’s a one-time donation.
  5. Use your Debit Visa card or a Credit Card to make your donation.  It must have a CVV number on the back (a three-number security code).


Mail A Cheque

  1. Make your cheque payable to Kanisa Fellowship.  Do NOT mail cash.
  2. Use a tithe envelope or simply designate where your donation should be allotted in the memo section on the front or on the back of your cheque.

Mail your cheque to:
Kanisa Fellowship
PO Box 4008 RPO Thickson
Whitby, ON
L1R 0J7



  1. e-transfer your donation to
  2. No password is needed.  This email is set up to auto-deposit your transfer.
  3. You must do the following in the Message or Memo or Note section (different institutions name it differently
    1. Put your full name and address in the memo section
    2. Designate where the funds are to be allocated in the memo section



Kanisa Fellowship is a not-for-profit religious organization (CRA 107797383RR0120) that funds its operations strictly from the donations of our guests and members.

Confidence In Giving

The General Conference Auditing Service (GCAS) audits Kanisa Fellowship and other church entities worldwide. More than 200 auditors around the globe conduct financial statement audits and perform tests for compliance with policies, contracts and regulations in accordance with local or international auditing standards.

GCAS is a professionally independent function, which employs individuals with the highest professional qualifications and work experience possible.

Feel free to review our Canada Revenue Agency files.