Church Parking Lot

The church has two parking lots located on the east and north sides of the building.  We encourage you to arrive early for service to secure one of the 20 parking spots on the property.

Do not block the driveway with your vehicle.  Your car may be removed to ensure the safety of all of our visitors.

DSC_0054  DSC_0046

Nearby School Parking Lot

One block south of Kanisa Fellowship is Bannockburn School located at 12 Bannockburn Avenue. They have a large parking lot that is often used by visitors to the church.


Local Street Parking

We are located in a quiet residential neighbourhood.  There is a lot of street parking. Please read the parking signs and obey the municipal bylaws for when and where you can park.


Do not block our neighbours’ driveways.


Make sure your vehicle bumper is more than 2’ feet away from the slope of the curb, towards the entrance of a driveway.  That is the law, and we don’t want you to get a ticket.