Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto MeBaby Dedication

And He took them in His arms and began blessing them, laying His hands on them. (Mark 10:16)

At Kanisa Fellowship, we believe the next generations are the one’s who will carry the banner of both community, and global influence for the sake of the gospel.


With this in mind, we are passionate about raising children dedicated to the mission of the cross. Baby dedications are opportunities for you as a parent, to publically commit your child in the upbringing of Christian values and teaching. Not only is it an opportunity for the parent, it’s also an opportunity for the church to join and commit with you to raising your child in the ways of the Lord.


Parenting isn’t easy, and you need the help of the body of Christ in times when it’s difficult. When you need encouragement, when you need insight, when you need help, the church wants to walk alongside of you to help you raise your children.


This is what baby dedication is all about.


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