Prayer is a powerful thing.  God tells us in Isaiah 56:7 that His house will be a ‘house of prayer for all nations.’ Looking back on church history, prayer was at the forefront of all incredible moves of God; the Reformation,  Pentecost, prayers from Moses, David, and many other leaders throughout scripture. Prayer moves the hand and heart of God, and we desire to join in this effort of praying for our people, our community, and our world.


Our prayer meetings are held as follows:


At Church: Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday evening , corporate Prayer Meeting is held at our church location, starting at 7:15pm. During this time, we hear a short bible study from our pastor or one of our elders, share prayer requests and praises of what God has been doing, and then, being led by the Holy Spirit, we simply pray together for both the needs and celebrations of what is going on in the life of Kanisa Fellowship.