You Are Not By Yourself

Love Breaking Through

Throughout the course of our lives, issues arise that we don’t always know the answer to.


Why is this happening to me?

Why am I struggling with this?

Why did that person do that to me?


Request Private Counselling
Of course on the surface, these may seem like simple questions, but sometimes they cut much deeper. Questions like these really make us hurt. They are questions that are so tangibly felt, that sometimes it feels like they are controlling our lives.

Kanisa Fellowship is here to help you to navigate such deep questions with responsible personal counseling from a Christian perspective.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we know that you don’t have to work through these questions, or even the pain alone. We have counseling opportunities with individuals who would love to speak with you, encourage you, and pray with you. You were never meant to go through this situation by yourself.


We want to be here for you.


Please submit your confidential request for Christian counseling, and a member of our leadership team will contact you to begin the first step.

If you prefer to call, please contact our church office at 416 410 3102.